The competitive advantage of nations bidang akademik

Harzing, Anne-Wil, and Ax√®le Giroud. “The competitive advantage of nations: An application to academia.” Journal of Informetrics 8, no. 1 (2014): 29-42.


Jenis-jenis Buku

Perbedaan buku MONOGRAF, buku REFERENSI, buku AJAR, buk DIKTAT, dan MODUL AJAR


Perjalanan Sekolah Pascasarjana

PhD survival tips.
Based on my experienced as GOT recipient.

By Dr Hj Abdul Rahim Hj Ridzuan (UiTM)
Phase 1: The most crucial one. At this stage, you will be drown by mountains of information. You are proned to be easily swayed from the direction. Some PG experienced changing their proposal a few times. This is the stage that requires you to read and discuss your ideas with SV rapidly. The good thing at this stage is your motivation level is still high. So, you need to work hard to write your proposal. Most importantly, learn to control your stress and emotions. Do not ever give up at this stage!

Tips: ūüėĀ For scholarship student, the stress level is somehow accumulated because you are racing with the time given to you. Having a solid proposal with the guide of your potential SV would really help a lot before you can officially begin your PhD journey!

Phase 2: At this stage, you might have a clearer idea on your study. Your mission is to complete your proposal writing. For secondary data user, you have to ensure that all proposed models have the completed dataset. You should seek ideas or comments from any experts in your field to enhance your proposal. This can also be done by participating in any postgraduate conference. The main goal is to ensure that your proposal is recognized and passed during the defense session.

Phase 3: Yeah..if you have managed to pass your proposal defense…people said that you have already completed half of your Phd journey! Keep your spirit up to write your thesis. Some PG might have to change certain research objectives..some can just proceed with the original objectives. That is why it is important to produce a solid proposal, where you want to avoid from rewriting it after proposal defense. At this stage, students need to focus on writing research paper extracted from their thesis.

Phase 4: The stage is where you have to complete your thesis writing. Bear in mind, there is no such thing as the perfect thesis. Always focus on finishing the writing of the thesis first..then you can polish your work later. At this stage, you are astute about your research, you have built more confidence in regards to the novelty of your thesis, and most importantly, your SVs have aware and acknowledged your novelty before you get the permission to submit thesis for VIVA. Don’t be afraid..VIVA is simply to test either the thesis was produced by you or other people. If you have gone thorough all the process of learning and writing, you would be able to answer the questions raised by the panel. ūüí™ are now known as PhD survivor! There is always up and down during the journey. Your true strength is reflected when you managed to overcome all the challenges. Remember, you are not alone. You can always seek help from the others. All is well. Best wishes~

4 Jenis Penulis

Ada empat jenis penulis.
1. Upholder
2. Obliger
3. Questioner
4. Rebel

Thesis Whisperer. 2018. Are there only four kinds of writers?

Cek Plagiat

Plagiarism Detector Online

Penelitian Ilmiah (Lynch, 2013)

Menurut Lynch scientific research (penelitian ilmiah) adalah proses
(1) developing an empirically answerable question,
(2) deriving a falsifiable hypothesis derived from a theory that purports to answer the question,
(3) collecting (or finding) and analyzing empirical data to test the hypothesis,
(4) rejecting or failing to reject the hypothesis, and
(5) relating the results of the analyses back to the theory from which the question was drawn.

Berdasarkan definisi tersebut maka yang tidak termasuk riset adalah:

  1. Kajian pustaka bukan merupakan riset
  2. Keterkaitan antar teori atau perspektif tanpa data empiris bukanlah riset.
  3. Pengumpulan dan analisis data tanpa landasan teori (misalnya, tanpa pertanyaan riset) kemudian tanpa ada penjelasan, bukanlah riset.

Apa yang dimaksud dengan

  • perspektif
  • teori
  • pertanyaan riset
  • hipotesis


Lynch, Scott M. Chapter 2¬† Overview of the Research Process. in “Using statistics in social research: A concise approach.” Springer Science & Business Media, 2013.

Penggunaan “the” dan “a”

Pada kalimat pertama, cheese sandwich dan apple hanya diketahui oleh pembicara. Namun pada kalimat kedua menunjukkan bahwa pembicara dan pendengar sudah tahu. Namun worm adalah kata yang baru bagi pendengar, sehingga menggunakan “a”.

Dengan demikian,

Sumber: fb

Belajar dari formasi angsa terbang

Tiada kejayaan tanpa kerjasama
Tiada kerjasama tanpa pertemanan
Tiada pertemanan tanpa kepercayaan
Tiada kepercayaan tanpa kejujuran

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) vs Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Apa bezanya Ph.D dan DBA?

Nota: Bukan niat saya utk merendah-rendahkan program yg dibincangkan. Sebab ramai yg bertanya perbezaan antara PhD dan DBA di UiTM.

Sebagai salah seorang resource person utk program DBA dan terlibat secara langsung program PhD, begini perbezaannya.

Contoh di UiTM

Ph.D = modul pengajian melibatkan kajian penyelidikan 100%.

Hanya kelas research methodology, dan statistics diwajibkan pelajar (weekend class).

Pelajar dikehendakki menyediakan tesis.

Gelaran yg dianugerahkan: Dr.

Syarat lulus: menghadiri kelas research methodology, statistics; proposal defend dan viva voce exam.

Tiada coursework (di UiTM)

Jumlah penilai: 2 penilai luar dan 1 penilai dalaman.

Penyediaan tesis tidak lebih 100,000 patah perkataan

Lebih sesuai kpd pensyarah/penyelidik

Yuran pengajian: kurang RM 15,000

DBA = modul pengajian melibatkan 70% coursework dan 30% kajian penyelidikan.

Pelajar perlu menghadiri kelas (mengikut major) dan mengambil peperiksaan akhir.

Pelajar dikehendakki menyediakan disertation

Gelaran yg dianugerahkan = Dr

Jangkamasa coursework = 2 tahun.

Setelah lulus coursework, pelajar akan meneruskan utk kajian penyelidikan.

Syarat lulus: Tamat semua coursework, proposal defend dan viva voce exam.

Jumlah penilai: seorang penilai luar dan seorang penilai dalaman

Penyediaan disertation tidak melebihi 60,000 patah perkataan

Lebih sesuai utk penggiat industri

Yuran pengajian: Lebih RM 15,000 (mengikut universiti)

Norzaidi Mohd Daud 

Mencari Jurnal Terindeks dan Konferensi


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