Hidden beauty in the Green Canyon

In the USA ? No …….

The word ”Green Canyon” definitely associates with Uncle Sam USA. While American have the Grand Canyon. There is also in Indonesians have Green Canyon, located in West Pangandaran, local people call it “Cukang Taneuh”, At Kertayasa Village, Cijulang, Pangandaran, Green Canyon is very famous in West Java. Green Canyon is very famous, among Indonesians and even foreign people. This is evidenced in the number of foreign tourists from Europe to America who have visited the Green Canyon. “The original name of this tourist attraction is Cukang Taneuh (Sundanese language, meaning “Land Bridge”), but this place changed its name to “Green Canyon” since popularized by a French citizen, in 1993.

“Green Canyon” has its own uniqueness. One of the uniqueness is the river with little rapids of a narrow groove in which the boat was not able to cross on it . Parking capacity is also limited. That is why People could not stay too long. We could stay there in only 15 minutes.

The water is in a blue colour, and in a certain place becomes to green colour. Besides, we moved see stalagtite – stalagmite in a very unique stone , in which people could reach there by swimming. Along the way, we will continue down walls on either side; some walls resemble a cave roof collapsed by bats.

Green Canyon