What Skills Are You Good at?

I am always amazed when I hear people, most of them are my students, sing new songs well and fluently, have no problems with their pronunciation, especially, when I asked them about it, they told me that they could remember the songs or the lyrics just by listening the songs or music often without reading the lyrics text. I, myself, cannot do that kind of thing as well as they do it. Here I believe, every person has different talents and abilities. Some people are given the listening skill well, as easy as like my students they can remember the things they listen easily, some others are given different things, they do better for other skills, perhaps they can write more easily than others, or maybe they are good at speaking, they can speak English perfectly, for example, like a British, etc.

So folks, what I am trying to tell, finally in my class I like reminding my students not to feel worry if they feel difficult in doing a skill, they must be better at doing some other skills, and about the skill they are not good at, actually they can practise it, for example for me, because I do not have good enough skill at listening to remember a song, so I need to prepare more, if I want to remember a song, I need to prepare the lyrics to be read, after that I play the music, sing it, and do it repeatedly, later when I listen to the song without the lyrics I can sing the song well too as other people do 🙂

Keep our spirit high!!

Cheers, ^_^