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Bagaimana Agar Sukses PhD 0

Bagaimana Agar Sukses PhD

Buku ini merupakan kumpulan tulisan pengalaman mahasiswa pascsarjana. Tulisan-tulisan mereka adalah: Communicating with your advisor Time and self-management Managing and organizing information Work-life balance Oral presentations Scientific writing Publishing Paper reviews Networking Interdisciplinary work...

Kurikulum yang bersifat teknikal, praktikal dan kritikal 0

Kurikulum yang bersifat teknikal, praktikal dan kritikal

Three Forms of Knowledge and Their Views of Education Hussien, Suhailah. “Towards the Islamisation of Critical Pedagogy: A Malaysian Case Study.” The University of Sheffield, 2006.  

Contoh Artikel SLR 1

Contoh Artikel SLR

Abstract Contemporary Islamic management scholars have agreed that values are embedded in quality management. Their agreement is grounded on the famous prophetic tradition encouraging diligence in work, uttered more than 1400 years ago, which...

Kata-kata dalam Ujian Thesis 0

Kata-kata dalam Ujian Thesis

Write That PhD Ibrahim Ilyasu: Keep it simple, but rehearse very well. Three to four times . Focus on the objective of the research, methodology, significance, its contribution, why is your research unique, what...

Membuat Makalah yang Bagus 0

Membuat Makalah yang Bagus

The purpose of this editorial is to provide guidance to EJM authors about the structure and presentation of manuscripts that are likely to be insightful and that will probably provide contributions to knowledge.  I...

Penilaian Profil Risiko Pasar (Market Risk) 0

Penilaian Profil Risiko Pasar (Market Risk)

Dalam dunia bisnis Perbankan terdapat delapan jenis risiko yang harus dikelola, diantaranya : Risiko Kredit, risiko pasar, risiko likuiditas, risiko operasional, risiko hukum, risiko reputasi, risiko stratejik dan risiko kepatuhan, yang wajib meneerapkan manajemen...

Trend Metodologi Riset Manajemen Umum & Strategik 0

Trend Metodologi Riset Manajemen Umum & Strategik

Metodologi penelitian yang digunakan oleh “top three” jurnal manajemen umum dan strategik  (Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Journal and Administrative Science  Quarterly) periode 2007-2012, untuk artikel empiris. Komposisi metodologi riset Mixed, Kualitatif, dan Kuantitatif,...