Back to 2009 there was one night I could not forget. I was on the way to the train station. My friend informed me that she gave me wrong schedule of the departure time of my train to Yogyakarta. It should be earlier than the one I was informed. Consequently, I was in a hurry. Unfortunately, the weather was not good at that night. I tried to order a taxi, but none showed up; finally, I decided to go out from my house, 10-minute walking distance from the main street where I usually catch a taxi. The heavy rain could not stop me from walking to that street. I had to do it. I waited on the pedestrian zone, hoping there would be a taxi I could stop, but Friday night traffic in Jakarta, honestly, is always a hell for everyone in the city, especially with the falling of the rain, it is always difficult to get a taxi during rush hours. After waiting, I eventually decided to take a bus. However, as the rain and the traffic jam got worse, until one intersection I got off from the bus and tried to find a motorcycle taxi, because I thought that motorcycle taxi could reach the destination faster. Too bad, that night everything seemed messy, no motorcycle taxi I found. I started walking and kept thinking how I could reach the station on time so I could catch the train. When I was walking I saw the line of many motorcycles waiting for the green light at an intersection, and without thinking much, I asked one of the riders to allow me to take a ride with him to the station, because he was going to the same direction as the station. Thank God, he said yes. He did not only give a ride, he directly took me to the nearest gate so I could catch up the train. When I offered him the money for the ride, he refused it; he said that he was happy helping me, in fact saving me from being left by the train. That night I learned again that good things and happiness are not always about materialistic things. The experience also taught me that when we are kind and good, than good things also would come to us automatically. So being someone good is always important, no matter what, it will go back to us.

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  1. Widya Anisa says:

    That is very impressing Mrs, finally we really have to believe that all kindness in the world is not always based on hoping to receive back, even if it is money. There’s still people who doing kindness based on that people really want to help each other and hoping that kindness will be appreciated by people. By the way, I do have a story of my self, I hope you would like to read it.

    This story happened when I was 6 years old. When I take a holiday in Jogja, to my grand parents place. One day, I felt bored being always in the house and I decided to go out of the house and take a look at the garden around the house and I look at one tree and the others tree. Not longer after that, there is a grandmother come to me and I just look like a child who smiling and laugh when she asked me. In my mind, she is just a neighbor of my grandma and because she know my grandma family. Until finally she asked me to come with her to the field and because I was so excited, I call my brother who was inside the house and asked him to come also. That time my sister was 8 years old. We go out with that grandmother without asking permission to our family before.
    We walked about one hour until we fell exhausted. Around the way, that grandmother is just keep being silent. And until we arrive to our destination, that is not a field of vegetables, or even fruits like what I have imagined, there is just a ravines and wild trees.
    Until finally my sister and i feel fear. Grandma said to us ‘wait here for a moment and grandmother will return again’ until grandmother it go, we sat under one tree .Until about 1 hour grandmother not the visits of it back .We begin to fear. Until finally we decided to find a way home. And we met only ravine and trees bushy.
    Until the sun set, we still looking for the way back. After a lot of time we found a way, there is a sound of motorcycle. We looking for that sound and it was our uncle! Who looking for us. Apparently, its about one village looking for us. We come back home.
    When we arrived at home, we retell what was happened to us since the beginning. Finally we know that that grandmother is have a soul disaster.

    And until now, I still remember and got trauma with that insident, and message that I can get is, there’s a lot of people who talk so sweets at the first or when the first time meet but not all of that we have to believe, because we dont know who he/she is, where is he/she come from, what was his/her reason and what was the intent. At the end, do not easy to believe someone that we don’t know who he/she was.

  2. Eva Yunita says:

    It’s amazing story miss, thanks to share this story, from this story i can learn that money is not number one, and I know many people kind and good in the world. By the way, i have the amazing story too. I hope you want read it.

    My story was began from my ringing phone. At the night, suddenly my best friend called me while cried in the phone. i confused, why she cried? I asked her, but she did not answer my questions. During 5 minute, she still cried and i still asked her. Finally she told me about her condition. she called me because her mother sick in the hospital. she said ” i wish you were her and I need your hand.” i was hurry. i decided to go by bus.

    On the bus, when assistant drive ask my charge, I very panic, because my wallet missed in my bed room. I tried explain to assistant driver but he could not understood with my condition. I did know, what should i did. Assistant driver want to reduced me but a kind of lady give a money to assistant driver. So I could visited my best friend in the hospital. In this my experience, I know that many people kind and good in the world. In fact, many pople care with others people. So ddon’t be worry, if you get trouble, because God always send people ho help you…..

  3. Zara Nadya Maharani says:

    That was unbelievable story Miss, The story contains a lot of implicit advices. We can learn many things from the story. Actually, everything depend on our behavior, we behave well without hoping to receive back, we will get good things from others automatically. Related to the story, I also have unforgettable experience in my life, I hope you do not mind reading it.

    There were 5 people in my parents house, my father, my mother, my brother and I, and also we have a housekeeper or a maid who was called bibi. One day, my mother and I went to Bandung, on the other hand my brother went to school and my father went to his office. So the only bibi stay in the house. It was a Friday morning. Bibi has already work in my house for 3 months. She was very kind person, so we trusted her as our family. Suddenly, at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, my brother called my mom that there was no one in the house, included bibi. My brother entered the house from back door which the key was hung in the door while front door was locked. My mother called bibi but there was not answer, her mobile phone could not be connected so she called my father to say what my brother said. After that, my father went home as soon as possible to take care my brother. My mother predicted there was something wrong happened in the house, so we went back to Jakarta.

    After arriving in my house, my mother directly look for the bedroom’s key, but the key was already in the door, and suddenly she shouted that all her jewelry were lost from the wardrobe. Finally we realize that bibi has taken all of them and went out of my home. From this experience, I learnt that we have to aware and be careful in everything. We can not judge the people from its cover.

  4. Muhamad Lukman Hakim says:

    So unpredictable moment Miss. From the story, I can learn about life lessons from yours Miss. I agree with you that there still good peoples around us who will help us if we need them. Like who helped you, He is the one of good people. He like to help you without ask money. I can’t give comment to much but the point of your story Miss, yeah you right because everyone will be good and kind to us if we do same thing for everyone like be the good person and help someone who need our help.

  5. Dimas Refali says:

    thats unbelievable story miss, I think people like him who helped you is difficult to find in Jakarta especially he was refused when you give him some money. I agree with you that he’s a good person, and like you said, being someone good is always important, no matter what, it will go back to us.

  6. Muhammad Faris says:

    that’s amazing story miss, but i think in Jakarta is to difficult to find the people like that. not every people will do that thing in Jakarta in that situation. but i like your story miss.

  7. fitri rahani says:

    Interesting story miss, reading this story make me think, everybody come not to helping because they hope a replying, we must believe we help each other with heart, one day, if we are in trouble, and someone come who help us with heart. But now, thats hard to find that person, but hard to find is not gone.

  8. Pryanka Ichsan Hadi says:

    Such a wonderful experience and a story that always be remembered. Your experience told us that There are such a very kind person in this world even this world has so many people who don’t care about each other. You are very lucky to met such a decent men. Its very hard to find a person like that. We can take a lesson too from the men you met. The lesson is we must be sincere in our life because being a sincere person will give us such satisfy feelings in our own heart. Usually people hope some reward like money after helping people who need help. But in this story, you met such a sincere perdon who doesn’t need a reward from helping people. He is very rare person to meet. And the most imoportant lesson that I learn from the story is “God is always help you in any difficult situations in your life with suprising ways “. Thanks for the story..:) It gives me so many lessons for my life

  9. Ibrahim ramadin says:

    miss really good experience, especially the values of caring and selfless thing to help someone hopefully be a lesson to me how we can help others and also a sense of concern for the people who need help

  10. Des Daffa Bandanaira says:

    Your story was awesome.In my religion, it can be called “Kiffaro”. So what you give what you receive, so we can start giving a little of kindness. And lets God take the rest.

  11. antonius sri bimo AS says:

    very interesting story miss makes us realize or think that all that is done it must be sincere without expecting anything so we’ll get something bigger than what we are doing to people.

  12. antonius sri bimo AS says:

    when I headed the campus using the busway and I get a seat. then there is an elderly person comes in, no one who wants to give a place to sit and I was rushed to offer me a seat to the elderly. sometimes I think there are still many people who are less attention to people who are more in need.

  13. fachrani subhany says:

    This story is good miss and that it should help with sincerity of the heart without force or load and not for anything.
    Yesterday I tried to leave for campus use bus-based public transport there the first time I ride the bus majors Jatiasih – tanah abang once boarded the bus that too but the journey only take 1 hour to reach the ground or another of tanah abang but now I travel a distance of Jatiasih – Komdak takes about 2.5 hours because of his jammed JORR since the opening of a direct path towards the airport. since that moment I was confused because every change presidents and replace policy making becomes more severe congestion.

  14. Annisa Ayustina Putri says:

    This story is very interesting miss, because should be as humans we should help each other to people in need. However, currently especially jakarta mostly someone help because they want to expect a reply. therefore, it is difficult to find people like that. we must believe that the good intentions that we do will be in reply with good intentions also by others and kindness can not measured by money. I believe that a lot of people kind and caring towards others in this world.

  15. Riana Dewi says:

    very interesting and a good story. I think it is in our country such people are rare, but it does not mean there is no such person, is there but not much. rarely people who helped us was sincere help they usually ask for a reward or even harm. If we do good to someone or we want to help someone with a sincere sure we will be helped with sincerity as well. so much to do good to all people with sincerity.

  16. Riana Derian says:

    The amazing story and let you know that there are many good people in this country
    When I took a train to campus from tangerang at 6 a.m . a lot of people who left from were crowded . some people who were in station after tangerang couldn’t enter the train because the train was really loaded. i couldn’t move even breathing was hard. as i arrived at duri station, the train got a bit quiet and i continued getting on another train to sudirman

  17. Abdul Latief says:

    Assalammualaikum wr wb.

    its an amazing story and unforgettable experience to you mrs. and i think that proof if in jakarta still many good people, sometimes we thinks people of jakarta are bad people because if we watching TV many case like a pick pocket, murder it often happens in here. but we must know if still many good people here. i also have a experience, when i was helped by someone in this town, when i go to home from campus my, i forget if my motorcyle is running out of fuel, so when i ride my motorcycle my fuel has gone, so i walking with my motorcycle to gas station, and someone come to me, and he want to help me to pick my motorcycle to gas station. since that I think there are many good people in this town.

  18. Brian Da Costa Widya Putra says:

    From the story of the above I think it’s an interesting story and good. From the story of mrs. on top of me taking in indonesia is very rare to see a guy like that, even if there are help must be asking in return but not all people like that because I think there are many out there who either help someone without rewards.

  19. May Hardiyanty Rezeky says:

    I agree with you that he’s a good person. He like to help you without ask money. I think in Jakarta is too difficult to find the people like that. This story is interesting and good miss. This story also taught me about sincerity

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