Back to 2009 there was one night I could not forget. I was on the way to the train station. My friend informed me that she gave me wrong schedule of the departure time of my train to Yogyakarta. It should be earlier than the one I was informed. Consequently, I was in a hurry. Unfortunately, the weather was not good at that night. I tried to order a taxi, but none showed up; finally, I decided to go out from my house, 10-minute walking distance from the main street where I usually catch a taxi. The heavy rain could not stop me from walking to that street. I had to do it. I waited on the pedestrian zone, hoping there would be a taxi I could stop, but Friday night traffic in Jakarta, honestly, is always a hell for everyone in the city, especially with the falling of the rain, it is always difficult to get a taxi during rush hours. After waiting, I eventually decided to take a bus. However, as the rain and the traffic jam got worse, until one intersection I got off from the bus and tried to find a motorcycle taxi, because I thought that motorcycle taxi could reach the destination faster. Too bad, that night everything seemed messy, no motorcycle taxi I found. I started walking and kept thinking how I could reach the station on time so I could catch the train. When I was walking I saw the line of many motorcycles waiting for the green light at an intersection, and without thinking much, I asked one of the riders to allow me to take a ride with him to the station, because he was going to the same direction as the station. Thank God, he said yes. He did not only give a ride, he directly took me to the nearest gate so I could catch up the train. When I offered him the money for the ride, he refused it; he said that he was happy helping me, in fact saving me from being left by the train. That night I learned again that good things and happiness are not always about materialistic things. The experience also taught me that when we are kind and good, than good things also would come to us automatically. So being someone good is always important, no matter what, it will go back to us.