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Research process started from interesting thought about the world around us.
There are some assumptions:
– How do we see the world?
– What kind of sort do we have to investigate?
– Can we collect evidence?
– How do we collect evidence?
– Is the evidence is different between you and me if we see the same thing?
Always remember that our thoughts and ideas don’t start from a blank sheet, they start from minds which already have certain beliefs and ideas.

Gibbon, 1994:
1. Knowledge created by academic
2. Knowledge created by researcher for practical purposes
3. Huff & Huff (2001): Knowledge produced by research to understand bigger picture in relation to society

What kind of knowledge is acceptable in a field of study and will drive research approaches.
1. Positivist position
2. Interpretivist position

Epistemology focuses on the feature of knowledge, ontology looks deeper at the way researchers understand the world.
Ontology asks us to identify the assumptions we have about the world we are researching.
1. Objectivist view
2. Subjectivist view

Sue Greener,

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