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Contemporary Islamic management scholars have agreed that values are embedded in quality management. Their agreement is grounded on the famous prophetic tradition encouraging diligence in work, uttered more than 1400 years ago, which has been narrated authentically. However, little studies have specifically indicated its application in quality management activities. As quality management is initiated in the West, little attention has been given to Islamic perspective of the discipline. However, as the Japanese had successfully implemented quality management in their cultural value perspective, many parties come to acknowledge the significance of values. In the literature, various Islamic values have been linked to quality management practice. While studies analyzing and categorizing them is limited, several values are redundant or being termed differently, though they are similar in crux. This article compiles the values and categorizes them depending on similar bases of Quranic verses or Prophetic traditions. The categorization proposes a set of Islamic values related to quality management practice, based on a simple frequency analysis matrix. Finally, this article concludes with prospects for future research.

Ishak, A. H., & Osman, M. R. (2016). A systematic literature review on Islamic values applied in quality management context. Journal of business ethics, 138(1), 103-112.


Systematic Literature Review

Systematic review involves a structured and comprehensive search of the literature for specific types of studies outlined in explicit inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Systematic reviews summarize information objectively, identify knowledge gaps, and often make recommendation. Systematic reviews also assist in consensus development in the absence of an objective framework for reviewing the evidence.

Windle, P. E. (2010). The systematic review process: an overview. Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing, 25(1), 40-42.




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