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  • Microeconomics

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Pindyck, Robert S., and Daniel L. Rubinfeld. “Microeconomics.” (2013). Pearson Education, Inc.

I. Introduction: Markets and Prices


2. The Basics of Supply and Demand

II. Producers, Consumers, and Competitive Markets

3. Consumer Behavior

4. Individual and Market Demand

4. Uncertainty and Consumer Behavior

6. Production

7. The Cost of Production

8. Profit Maximization and Competitive Supply

9. The Analysis of Competitive Markets

III. Market Structure and Competitive Strategy

10. Market Power: Monopoly and Monopsony

11. Pricing with Market Power

12. Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly

13. Game Theory and Competitive Strategy

14. Markets for Factor Inputs

15. Investment, Time, and Capital Markets

IV. Information, Market Failure, and the Role of Government

16. General Equilibrium and Economic Efficiency

17. Markets with Asymmetric Information

18. Externalities and Public Goods





Presentasi kelompok


Pasar persaingan sempurna

Pasar monopoli

Pasar persaingan monopolistik, oligopoli dan teori permainan

Pasar faktor produksi

Risiko dan nilai waktu

Ketidakadilan pasar

Tujuan kesejahteraan

Presentasi kelompok

Presentasi kelompok

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