HOW CAN I WRITE A BETTER ESSAY? By Drs. Ignatius Septo Pramesworo, M. Ed. TESOL


Writing an essay can be either easy or complicated. It will depend on a lot of condition. If I have prepared everything related to my essay then I can say I am ready to write a good essay. However, if I am still thinking my essay supporting details, my examples or even my ideas for my essay, I should then be careful. I will think that writing an essay in English language can be difficult. When I write an English essay, I have to consider three elements. The first one is the organization on how I make my own essay. The second element is related to my English language. For example, I have to consider the vocabularies and grammar that are going to be used. Finally, the last element is the process of making my essay. Now, I will discuss my elements one by one.

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