Jenis-jenis Penelitian (Singh, 2006)  



A. On the Basis of Objectives of Research

  1. Fundamental research
  2. Action research.


B. On the Basis of Approach of Research

  1. Longitudinal research: Historical research, case study, genetic comes under longitudinal approach of research.
  2. Cross sectional research: Experimental research, survey are the examples of cross sectional research.


C. On the Basis of Precision in Research Findings

  1. Experimental research and
  2. Non-experimental research. Experimental research is precise while non-experimental is not.


D. On the Basis of Nature of Findings

  1. Explanatory research: Such researches explain more concerned theories, laws and principles.
  2. Descriptive research: These are more concerned with facts.


E. According to National Science Foundation

  1. Basic research: Those researches which embrace origin or unique investigation for the advancement of knowledge.
  2. Applied research: Which may be characterized as the utilization in practice. 3. Development research: It is the use of scientific knowledge for the production of useful materials, devices, systems, methods for processes excluding design and production engineering.


F. Another Classification

  1. Adhoc research: Adhoc research is the class of inquiry used for a purpose alone and special.
  2. Empirical research: Empirical research is that which depends upon the experience or observation of phenomena and events.
  3. Explained research: Explained research is that which is based on a theory.
  4. Boarder line research: Boarder line research is that which involves those main two branches or are as of science. For example study of public school finance.

Singh, Y. K. (2006). Fundamental research methodology and statistics. (P. New Age International (P) Ltd., Ed.). New Delhi.


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