Jika Hipotesis Tidak Terbukti

Selama ini diyakini bahwa dalam penelitian seluruh hipotesis haruslah terbukti agar dapat dipublikasikan di jurnal. Namun dalam penelitian ini mayoritas hipotesis tidak terbukti. Yang penting justifikasinya.
Penjelasan lebih rinci ada di makalahnya.
Alhamdulillah. Glad that the paper is finally published. It was desk rejected when submitted first time in March 2015. Editor (Professor Paul Sparrow) commented “If you do eventually have the empirical data behind your ideas, then do please consider sending the study to the journal when it is ready”. As suggested, we collected data and resubmitted empirical paper in 2016. After two rounds of review, it was finally accepted for publication in July 2017.
This piece is important for at least two reasons:
1) Top gurus in HRM and OB (e.g., Prof. Alan Saks, Prof. Arnold B Bakker, William H Macey, Prof. Simon L. Albrecht and many other big names) have published in this journal. Thus, it is undoubtedly an honor to have a paper in JOEPP.
2) Majority of our hypotheses were not supported. Usually it is believed that all hypotheses must be supported if you want to publish your paper. However, publication of this paper proves that it is just a myth. Justification matters.
Many thanks to all co-authors for their support and valuable contributions. Many more to come.

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