Kiat Menulis Judul & Abstrak


Agar orang mengutip karya kita, maka ada 12 tips untuk menulis judul dan abstrak

  1. start thinking of the title from the start;
  2. brainstorm many key words, create permutations, and ask others for input;
  3. strive for an informative and indicative title;
  4. start the title with the most important words; and
  5. wait to finalise the title until the very end. When writing the abstract, authors should:
  6. wait until the end to write the abstract;
  7. copy and paste from main text as the starting point;
  8. start with a detailed structured format;
  9. describe what they did;
  10. describe what they found;
  11. highlight what readers can do with this information; and
  12. ensure that the abstract aligns with the full text and conforms to submission guidelines.

Cook, D. A., & Bordage, G. (2016). Twelve tips on writing abstracts and titles: How to get people to use and cite your work. Medical Teacher, (August), EarlyOnline.

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