Some of the students are not happy with their study. They think that their life the most difficult one compared others. They think their family members do not like them.  They also consider the worst students. In fact it is not. Some students who come to me at last find themselves by knowing about themselves. Yes it is hard to know about us if our heart is always not calm. Yes you cannot calm yourself. Many things in this world, many people in this environment can interfere with us. Especially when we are in unstable condition in facing our own life. So what do we have to do?

Yes we should give our heart to our Lord. How do we do that? Besides praying and living in God’s ways, we can do meditation. Why meditate?

Meditation provides you with a peace condition. I think in the early stages meditation process is a tool for us. Meditation can help us to reduce stress, improve physical health, relieve chronic pain, makes us sleep better, and feel happier and more peaceful. If we’ve had better and know how to meditate then meditation is a path toward the unknown. I think that at one point of meditation can help us greatly to reveal the mystery of our own life. Who are we as a disciple of God, a child, or a student in a university? Some students stated after they have done the process of meditation they could focus their study and concentrate well. They even are calmer than before. They can face their life in a happy nice smile.

When we start meditating, we will see how wild our mind. Thinking about the past or the future will be crammed with where we are in the present. Sometimes it hurts our memory and can occur repeatedly. So, if we start to meditate, do not blame ourselves about our wild thoughts. This is a natural condition. In time, we will learn to meditate calmly with a barrage of our mind, and we will find some clarity and peace. Good luck and have a calm of life.