Menulis Hasil Riset dan Diskusi


Setelah penelitian mendapatkan hasil, bagaimana penyajian hasil riset dan pembahasannya?
Ada empat hal yang perlu dilakukan.
PART 1: Presenting results
PART 2: Interpretation of trends/results
PART 3: Discussion and argument
PART 4: Supporting statement

Raakhimi Shuib

1) First, search 3-5 papers that have similar trends.
2) Summarize and write a note about discussion and argument of that particular trend.
3) Then, choose your strategy to write your discussion and argument (see attached figures)
If you choose to agree with the available theory and literature, you must correlate the theory and understanding with you own results and be sure to cite the works that you refer to.
If you choose to disagree, you can develop your own theory and philosophy but must be supported with strong data and evidence.

Raakhimi Shuib

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