Persiapan Menghadapi Ujian Disertasi


Thesis defence checklist

  • I know my thesis thoroughly
  • I have written a one-page summary of each chapter
  • I have continued to work with my thesis after submission or have begun to prepare a conference paper or publication
  • I am able to explain how my thesis fits into the big picture
  • I have kept up to date with relevant literature
  • I know what the implications of my research are to both theory and practice
  • I have had a mock viva with my main supervisor
  • I have asked my peers to quiz and challenge me about my thesis
  • I have explained my thesis to friends and family who are not familiar with it
  • I have investigated the backgrounds and publications of my examiners
  • I have looked at my institution’s guidelines for vivas
  • I have produced a list of likely questions
  • I have identified areas of my thesis that are likely to be challenged
  • I have marked up my thesis to help me refer to it in the viva
  • I know how I will be informed of the outcome of my viva.

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