Solo Traveling Project #1 Japan

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Solo traveling is easy, cheap and challenging. I can not share my expenses during this trip, but I can guarantee you can cut 50% on your budget compared to travelling with travel agent. Check on my details.


Document required:
1. Passport, make sure that its valid more than six months after departure in Japan (check here for online passport registration).

2. Visa, issued by the representative consulate in respective jurisdictions (click here for detail).

3. ID card from your home country.

4. JR (Japan Rail pass) for solo traveling more than 3 days, less than three days it is cheaper if you buy the ticket in Japan directly.


Gadget required:

1. Smartphone

2. Local sim card that you can buy in Indonesia (check here), or in the airport in Japan.

3. Installed Offline digital map of Japan if you don’t want to have more SIM card and (or) just in case our international roaming is not working.

4. Smartphone camera is enough, the landscape in Japan is already marvelous.

5. Installed Google translate.

6. Digital compass for qibla


Trick and tips:

1. Registering international roaming for internet service from Indonesia gsm card is NOT RECOMMENDED (I had a difficult time with XL, t-sel or even i-sat at that time).

2. Make sure that you have a ‘healthy’ checking account. There is no minimum requirement, but still, at least its in sufficient amount.

3. Be an aggressive promo ticket hunter (check here for the recommended airways).

4. You can rent for pocket WiFi. But still, I don’t feel comfort with it.

5. There are plenty of train station and airport that provide free wiFi. But still, do not counting on it if you are going solo.

6. The civil servant is sooooooo…helpful.

7. Bring your survival kit (mine: tolak angin and minyak angin).

8. I little bit concern about the halal food, so I prefer to bring bon cabe from Indonesia.

9. Extra sweater to prevent cold, extra coat to look cool on camera.

10. Find cabin or capsule hotel. Its super awesome.



Loc: Tokyo, Fujiyama, Osaka, Kyoto

Day 1
Haneda Tokyo Airport
Hachiko statue, Tokyo
Sinjuku gyoen, Tokyo
Tokyo station historical, Tokyo
Imperial palace, Tokyo
Kusunoki masahige statue, Tokyo
Akihabara station, Tokyo
Ueno park, Tokyo
Day 2
Otw ke Fuji
Shin fuji, Fuji
Fujisan hongu sengen taisa, traditional vilage, Fuji
Otw ke Osaka
Day 3
Museum of history, Osaka
Education memorial tower, Osaka
Municipal museum, Osaka
Osaka castle, Osaka
Otw Kyoto
International manga museum, Kyoto
Nijo castle, Kyoto
Arashiyama bamboo forest, Kyoto
Gion sijo old town, Kyoto
Day 4
Shinsaibasi largest market, Osaka
Day 5
Kansai tower, Osaka
Maruhan gambling center, Osaka (numpang selfie)
Osaka Kansai airport

Feel free to ask for detail.





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