THE LAST PROCESS OF MAKING AN ESSAY By Drs. Ignatius Septo Pramesworo, M. Ed. TESOL


I understand that the process of writing an essay needs practices. As stated in my previous writing, writing an essay requires three elements. The first one is the organization on how I make my own essay. The second element is related to my English language. Eventually, the last element is the process of making my essay. When I write an essay usually I found my thesis. After that I make my spider web. Making a spider gives me a clear clarification of the ideas: main ideas and supporting ideas. By having spider web, I am able to have an opportunity to put my mind into what I am going to write. I can identify my bubbles, such as: definition, preparation, and examples. Based on the spider, I could make an outline, either topic outline or sentence outline. I usually choose an outline that I consider fit and suitable with my essay. By using the outline, I know the content of my introduction or introductory paragraph, body of paragraphs, and closing paragraph. It seems now I am ready to write and I should know I have to connect all the ideas and use transitional signals that are important in my writing. The latter has a purpose to smooth my essay. Lastly, I should manage and check the vocabularies and grammar used so my sentences will be error-free and efficient. The essay will be comprehensive and has only one thesis statement.

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