Ujian Disertasi Doktor (Viva Voce)


Ada 3 alasan ujian disertasi.
1. Apakah itu betul pekerjaan Anda
2. Apakah Anda paham dengan pekerjaan Anda sendiri
3. Apakah Anda pantas mendapatkan gelar Doktor (kontribusi terhadap pengetahuan)

Butir-butir pertanyaan, antara lain:
1. Pemahaman
2. Hubungannya dengan riset yang lain
3. Kebaruan (novelty)
4. Apa implikasi penelitian Anda
5. Hipotesis
6. Why did you do it the way you did?

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Rubrik Penilaian Disertasi

Chapter 1
Articulation and originality of a question of interest/Problem statement

  • The problem statement is presented and articulated clearly and uniquely, and its importance to the profession/field is demonstrated.
  • Meaningful relationships between concepts and/or variables under study are analyzed and add a new perspective on previous research regarding the topic.
  • A credible argument that the study will uniquely and significantly contribute to knowledge in the field/profession is presented.

Chapter 2
Comprehensive literature review

  • Literature review presents in an accurate and comprehensive manner the status of current research literature on the topic under study.
  • Literature review is synthesized into a research topic or question that has the potential to contribute to knowledge in the field/profession.
  • Identifies gaps where further research is needed.
  • Establishes a theoretical framework for investigating those gaps and questions.

Chapter 3

  • An understanding of the methodology’s suitability to the dissertation as contribution to knowledge is demonstrated.
  • Presents and assesses the suitability of the methodology to the topic.

Chapter 4
Communication of results

  • Results of the data collection are presented in an objective manner.
  • Results of the data collection use techniques that describe the data and reveal meaningful relationships that exist in the data.
  • The results are interpreted, which allows for a speculation on new/hidden relationships.

Chapter 5
Discussion of results/Implications for future research

  • Complete discussion of analysis of results from many different perspectives in a scholarly and objective manner.
  • Conclusions clearly follow from results, are accurately described in detail in terms of data analysis, and show methodological and conceptual rigor.
  • Fully accounts for the study’s clinical, professional, and academic implications. Understand the place of the study in history and meanings associated with research on topic. Is capable of using the current study as a platform for discussion of the topic globally and historically.
  • Fully describes possible limitations to research methodology, alternatives for operational definitions of constructs, and possible researcher influences.
  • Connects these limitations clearly to outcomes and results. Designs changes to study that would account for the above-mentioned limitations.

Rubrik Evaluasi Disertasi

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