Validitas Konstruk (Construct Validity)


Messick mengemukakan konsep validitas konstruk yang terdiri dari enam item.
1. Consequential- What are the potential risks if the scores are, in actuality, invalid or inappropriately interpreted? Is the test still worthwhile given the risks?
2. Content- Do test items appear to be measuring the construct of interest?
3. Substantive- Is the theoretical foundation underlying the construct of interest sound?
4. Structural- Do the interrelationships of dimensions measured by the test correlate with the construct of interest and test scores?
5. External- Does the test have convergent, discriminant, and predictive qualities?
6. Generalizability- Does the test generalize across different groups, settings and tasks?

Samuel Messick, “Validity of Psychological Assessment,” American Psychologist 50, no. 9 (1995): 741–49, doi:10.1037//0003-066X.50.9.741.

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