BY Ignatius Septo Pramesworo


Occasionally someone said writing and its process were difficult. I, however, try, try, and try again to write, and the results, may be, are plain paper according to some people, but I have written some.

So let’s suppose to do good things for our own good, then we do not need to think of other people’s words. Yes, we should be able to look inside ourselves what we should do. One of the best things is Writing. We can share our feeling and expression through writing.

At this time, the month of January 2017 is one of the months when the campaign for the election of Governor of DKI Jakarta is held. I tried to write something that I think is interesting. I do not see my writing could be condemning or marginalizing certain potential governor mates, but I see my writing could be useful topic for myself to introspect. Indeed, this topic is relevant. I hope my ideas and example will be considered wisely and they could be feedback, not a thread.

Every person is created by God Almighty uniquely. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Each person has many negative sides and many positive aspects. Everyone has good characters and bad characters. He or she has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. In addition, everyone mysteriously has a conscience that always leads him or her to right paths, good ways, and right choices, which are based on his or her own deep hearts. Moreover, all these directions will lead him or her to become better and better in his or her life. It is the purpose of God Almighty to create religion for human being so that human being can be closer to God and his or her neighbors in a balanced way.

The idea of “Hypocrisy” itself is the nature of a person in which the person appears or presents himself or herself well to others and hide things that are bad.

The hypocrisy is so hated by God. Allah does not love those who are hypocrites. There are many Indonesian proverbs that signify this trait, for example: “a two-headed snake”, “duplicity” and “double face”. There are lots of ideas that illustrate hypocrisy that is so hated by everyone. A hypocrite character can be very dangerous because of its versatility to hide the truth. A hypocrite person has a very clever act and a sweet face, even he or she can be hostile to others especially to somebody that he or she wants to hurt.

There is a story about a best friend of mine who I think it is interesting to tell. My best friend meets me monthly but he often tells his heart to me. At this time in his company he holds a considerable important post. He has a qualified knowledge and experience background both in religion and in his scientific field.

Several times my best friend tells me that he likes to do injustice to his friends and subordinates. I do not know why!! He knows that his actions or his character is wrong. Most of people told him that they did not like with what he has done to them. Additionally his close friends and subordinates have suggested him not to do so. He however did it anyway. In front of people – his friends or subordinates, he often mentioned something good and nice. He told me about good things or what a good person has to conduct. While telling, he always smiled. His face showed that there was no problem during the conversation. Or there was no argument happened during the conversation and he may be disagrees with other people’s opinion.

In vice versa, every time we met, my best friend for sure is almost always talking about his injustices. He told it in different attitudes, sometimes he is sad, sometimes he seems to get angry, or even sometimes he is as satisfied. I was sad to hear it when every time he met me. Frankly I was initially shocked because injustice is categorically forbidden and prohibited within each religious teachings. My best friend is also aware that his injustice action is bad practice. He also told me that he always repented but he did it anyway. Once again I am confused.

Finally I tried and tried to read a few things one of which is hypocrisy. My best friend has absolutely performed hypocrisy. How would you feel if you are betrayed by someone else? Surely you will be in sadness, disappointment, indignation, anger mixed into one. Moreover, we are especially betrayed by our own friends. Therefore, we need to know the characteristics of hypocrites.

We can tell that someone has the hypocritical character of the signs that were taken or given by such person, namely:

  • if the person is hypocritical to speak, he or she would speak lies,
  • If the hypocrites promised, then such promises often he or she will break his or her promises, and
  • if we rely on the hypocrites, he or she would flip.

We can see the hypocrisy from its results. The nature of the hypocritical thing is expressed either to himself/herself or to others. Hypocrites bring negative consequences that are very dangerous, both for the perpetrator and for others. Among the negative consequences are as follows.

  1. Hypocritical behaviour is very harmful to others, both morally and materially.
  2. A person who acts hypocritically has hurt himself /herself. He/she will no longer be trusted because of his/her habit to lie, cheat and break a promise.
  3. Hypocritical behaviour can undermine social order for an individual mistrust to other individuals.
  4. God and any religion teachings do not like hypocritical behaviour.

As we remember the dangers and hypocritical nature, it is appropriate if we try to avoid this trait in everyday life.

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