Bagaimana Meningkatkan Sitiran


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How to Increase citations
Kutipan yang tinggi penting untuk aplikasi hibah penelitian, untuk promosi, pengindeksan jurnal, insentif, dan lain-lain. Utuk meningkatkan sitiran/sitasi ada 23 cara.

  1. Publish, Publish, Publish
  2. Publish a Review Paper
  3. Contribute to Wikipedia
  4. Promote your work
  5. Content is key
  6. Cite, and You will be Cited
  7. Publish Where It Counts
  8. Make it open
  9. Choose your title carefully
  10. Carefully choose your keywords
  11. Use a consistent form of your name on all of your papers
  12. Use a standardized institutional affiliation and address, using no abbreviations
  13. Publish with international authors
  14. Publish papers with a Nobel laureates
  15. Team-authored articles get cited more
  16. Use more references
  17. Publish a longer paper
  18. Papers with a larger number of “tables, figures, sketches” be likely to receive a higher number of citations
  19. Avoid to select a question type of title
  20. Monitor your articles
  21. Publicize yourself – link your latest published article to your email signature
  22. Ask others to cite your papers
  23. Monitor your performance

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