Bagaimana Menulis Proposal PhD?


How to Write Your Introduction

  1. Tell the reader about your problem.
  2. Tell the reader who is suffering from that problem?
  3. How you going to solve that problem?
  4. Tell the reader that you are qualified and equipped with the right methods of solving that problem.
  5. Tell the reader the benefits you offer by solving that problem?
  6. Tell the reader what results you anticipate.
  7. Make sure to tell what is the most important to them. No more, no less and stand for your claim.


How to Write Your Problem Statement

  1. What is the problem? What?
  2. Where is the problem? Where?
  3. How to solve the problem? How?
  4. Why you want to solve the problem? Why?
  5. Is the problem current?
  6. Will the problem continue in the future if it is not solved?
  7. Who is suffering by that problem?
  8. Will this problem prove or disprove the existing knowledge?


How to Write Your Research Questions

  1. Choose a topic that interests you and your readers.
  2. Make an investigation on your topic by going through scholarly journals and see what questions are raised by your peers.
  3. Take note of what questions are not raised so that you elevate it.
  4. Your research questions should not be answered by simple facts; it must require critical analysis and field tested research. It must be provoking and requires significant examination.
  5. Your research questions should be neither very broad nor very narrow. If too narrow, you will have difficulty in finding relevant information.
  6. Do not forget to show your research questions to your supervisors before going into details of it.


How to Write Your Literature Review

  1. Does the literature review discuss about authenticity of his problem statement?
  2. Does the literature review significantly support the severity of his problem statement?
  3. Does the researcher agree or disagree with existing knowledge, and why?
  4. Is his/her final judgment or conclusion is sound, logical and persuasive?
  5. Does the researcher find literatures that prove or disprove his problem statement?


How to Write Your Methodology

  1. Choose your methodology based on the type of research you are conducting.
  2. Institute a clear and concise affiliation between your study and your methodology.
  3. Ask yourself whether this methodology answers your research questions?
  4. Provide meaningful reason for choosing your methodology such as literature review.
  5. Divide your method into research design, population, sample, instrument, validity, reliability, results and implementation phases.
  6. Most importantly, are you comfortable with it?


Faryadi, Qais. “How to Write Your PhD Proposal: A Step-By-Step Guide.” American International Journal of Contemporary Research 2, no. 4 (2012): 111–115.

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