Contoh Riset Kualitatif Sederhana


Partisipan                                            : 11 mahasiswa Muslimah Universitas Melbourne
Pertanyaan semi terstruktur   : 10 butir
Pertanyaan tertutup                     : 6 butir
Metode                                                 : Wawancara semi terstruktur 60-90 menit
Analisis data                                      : Thematic analysis technique
Saturation                                           : 10 orang
Scopus                                                  : Q2

Meldrum, Rebecca M., Pranee Liamputtong, and Dennis Wollersheim. “Sexual health knowledge and needs: young Muslim women in Melbourne, Australia.” International Journal of Health Services 46, no. 1 (2016): 124-140.

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