Studying English for Perbanas Institute students is not simple and it is not difficult. Studying English should be considered as two sides of a coin. It can be studied seriously and hardly. Or it can be studied in a pleasant way. Students who want to face a comprehension exam in Perbanas Institute should be able to show their TOEFL score. It means if they want to get good score or they want to pass the standard score demanded by the institution they must study hard. Studying TOEFL needs extra time and energy. Whereas if the students want to improve their speaking, then they can study English in a fun way.


In this part, as a lecturer, I usually teach and explain some ways to improve my students speaking ability.  In a class of English for Professional Purposes class for example, students start speaking using Indonesian language with Cinta Laura style or Bule style. I use this activity in the first time or session they enter the class. Why do I ask my students to do this idea? The main point is because they have to put aside their shyness. They have to be confident to speak in front of the class in different style. It will happen if they speak using English language. Some of them say that they are shy or even afraid to speak in English language.  The idea of using the words “becek, nggak ada ojek, Jakarta, Jogjakarta, Manchester, etc” in Bule’s pronunciation makes them happy. They feel that making mistakes in speaking is okay. After they can believe that learning can be pleasant then they feel that speaking in front of others can be imperfect. They do not have think over grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation. Speaking, I think, is the first skill of language that a human is able to use for the first time.


In this opportunity, actually I want to show you that improving my students’ speaking ability can improve in some ways. If I watch their videos sent by email that have been uploaded in YouTube, I can be surprised. The results of their conversation are really awesome.  You should know that since the odd semester the 2016/2017 academic year I have implemented conversation tasks to all my students. They are not only in the third semester but also in the first semester. They make me proud of them. Really. Students from the Z Generation nowadays understand technology better than their lecturer from X or Y Generation. Moreover, the students can make attractively energetic videos that make us the audience motivated to watch.


These are the examples of their videos. Keep watching.

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  1. Rizky Putri Alawiyah says:

    Rizky Putri Alawiyah (1611000055) & Adinda Putri Gianni (161100006)-English for Business Group C-MKK3022-S1 Accounting-Wednesday-13.30-15.10-Mr. Ignatius Septo Pramesworo, M.Ed. TESOL-Script Video

    Adinda: Hello, friends! My name is Adinda Putri Gianni and my friend is Rizky Putri.
    Putri: We are from Perbanas Institute Jakarta, Undergraduate Degree of Accounting, Faculty of Economics and Business.
    Adinda: We are from Mr. Septo’s class, Group C of English for Business. We are going to present our conversation about “Good Student in English Class”. We hope you enjoy and just keep watching.

    Putri: Hi Adinda! What are you doing?
    Adinda: Hi Putri! I am doing my English task, but there is something I don’t understand and that confusing me.
    Putri: Why don’t you ask your lecturer?
    Adinda: I am afraid, because I can’t ask to Mr. Septo with English.
    Putri: Don’t be afraid to ask the material. Hmm.. you can use Indonesian if you want to ask the material to Mr. Septo.
    Adinda: Can you give me the tips and tricks to be a good student?
    Putri: First, you must arrive on time. Because if you come late, you will miss the materials.
    Adinda: Oh My God! I often come late to the class late. And then?
    Putri: Hmm.. Don’t be late again. And then review! Make sure that you take the time to review the materials you have studied in the past.
    Adinda: But sometimes I am too lazy to do it.
    Putri: Me too, but if we want to be a good student, we must do it. And then you have to be active in class.
    Adinda: For example?
    Putri: When your lecturer is asking you, just answer them.
    Adinda: I am afraid if the answer is wrong.
    Putri: That’s okay, we’re all still learning anyways.
    Adinda: And then?
    Putri: If you don’t understand, go ahead and ask your lecturer.
    Adinda: If I am asking in front of many people, I am afraid.
    Putri: You can ask before class started, or you can ask after class finished, or maybe you can do English Clinic with your lecturer.
    Adinda: English Clinic class? That’s good idea. I will do it and at the same time I want ask about materials quiz for next week. Will you join English Clinic too?
    Putri: Okay, I will join too.
    Adinda: By the way thank you for your tips. I hope I can be a good student in English class.
    Putri: You are welcome. By the way it’s already 1 pm now. Let’s go to the class or we will be late.
    Adinda: Okay, let’s go!
    Putri: So this video conversation is for completing our task in Mr. Septo’s class English for Business class Group C.
    Adinda: From Perbanas Institute Jakarta, Undergraduate Degree of Accounting, Faculty of Economics and Business. That’s all of our video conversation about Good Student in English class, I am Adinda
    Putri: I am Putri, thank you for watching.
    Adinda: And we hope you like this video, comment and don’t forget to subscribe our channel.

    Link Youtube

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