IT Infrastructure Library FOUNDATION V.3 bagian 1



The topics covered are:
• Service Strategy
• Service Design
• Service Transition
• Service Operation
• Continual Service Improvement
• How these topics interrelate

Business and Information Technology
• Information has become a value in itself
• IT aids existing businessses by increasing efficiency and effectiveness
• IT enables new types of business

What is Information Technology (IT) ?
• The meaning of IT changes with context:
– IT as an Organization
– IT as a Component
– IT as a Service
– IT as an Asset

Why is IT IL Successful ?
• Common Framework
– practical approach to service; unites all areas of IT service provision towards delivering value to the business
• Vendor Neutral
– applicable in any IT organization; not based on any technology patform or industry type
• Non Prescriptive
– applicable, useful and relevant to all types of service organizations, service providers, sizes of enterprises, technical environment and public or private sectors
• Best Practice
– represents the experiences and thought leadership of the worlds best in class service providers.

Stakeholders in service management
• there are also many stakeholders external to the service provider organization, for example:
– customers, those who buy goods or services
– users, those who use the service on a day to day basis
– suppliers, third parties reponsible for supplying goods or services that are required to deliver IT sevices

Organizing IT Service Management- Process Diagram

Process Characteristics
• Measurable
• Specific result
• delivers to customers
• reponds to a specific event

Organization Structure
• Function
• Role

RACI Model

• Raci model will be beneficial in enabling decisions to be made with pace and confidence .
• Raci is an acronym for the four main roles of :
– responsible : the person or people responsible for getting the job done
– accountable : only one person can be accountable for each task
– consulted : the people who are consulted and whose opinions are sought
– informed : the people that are kept up to date on progress

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