Kelebihan dan Kekurangan Metode Campuran



Strengths of Mixed Methods Design

Some strengths of MMR design include:

  1. they point out that words, photos, and narratives can be used to add meaning to numbers while numbers can add precision to words, photos, and narratives;
  2. they can handle a wider range of research questions because the researcher is not limited to one research design;
  3. they can present a more robust conclusion;
  4. they offer enhanced validity through triangulation (cross validation); e) they can add insight and understanding that might be missed when only a single research design is used; and
  5. they can increase the capability to generalize the results compared to using only qualitative study designs (Cronholm, & Hjalmarsson, 2011).


Weaknesses of Mixed Methods Design

Some weaknesses of MMR include:

  1. they can be difficult for a single researcher especially when the two designs are best used concurrently, in this case the study might require a research team;
  2. they can be more time consuming and expensive when concurrency is involved; c) they require that the researcher(s) learn multiple methods to combine them knowledgeably, defend the use of multiple methods, utilized them professionally, etc.; and
  3. they are not without conflict because methodological purists maintain that researchers should work within either a quantitative or a qualitative research design never mixing the two designs in a single study (Cronholm, & Hjalmarsson, 2011).


Caruth, G. D. (2013). Demystifying mixed methods research design: A review of the literature. Mevlana International Journal of Education (MIJE), 3(2), 112–122.


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