Kelemahan Bab 1 dan Bab 2 Thesis



Sharing what I scribbled on a thesis:

Two major weaknesses in the thesis Chapter 1 and 2.

1. Your literature is not up to date.

In chapter 1&2 , many references are old. Most are published before 2012. A few from 2013 and 2014. None in 2015-2017. People can question if your ‘research gap’ is still really a ‘gap’. Could it be that some people have already filled the gap and published something about what you are doing in 2015-2017. If this happens, your problem statement become invalid and the whole research has no contribution.

2. It is commendable that the literature review is already written using the “weaving technique”, putting a lot of your own words in between the various literature, telling a good “story”. However it does not provide a critical analysis of the literature. The literature review still seems disjointed and not directly related to your methodology. The review should be focused with a summary provided at the end of each Section and Chapter. In the summary, answer the “so what” question, and do not forget the “take home message”, You must relate the summary to your work, including choice of methods, equations, criteria, formulae, etc.

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