Parts of Speech in English language


Since I already wrote once about sentence pattern or sentence structure, I think it’s going to be interesting to discuss the continuation of it or at least things related with it.

So Folks, many times we hear the word sentences mentioned in our world of languages. Then we should have known that sentences consist of many words, yup! Words! In English language the word classes or categories are well known as Parts of Speech.
In English, there are 8 Parts of Speech that we usually learn or know.
1. Verb
2. Noun
3. Adjective
4. Adverb
5. Pronoun
6. Preposition
7. Conjunction
8. Interjection

Knowing those parts of speech well is really important since each of them has different function when we use them in our sentences. Therefore when we learn grammar, not only English I believe, also other languages even our own mother tongue, if we know the parts of speech well then we will be better in using languages we learn.

How well do you know English parts of speech? Dictionary will help you a lot an in understanding them and practicing using them or reading a lot will help us get familiar with the functions of those parts of speech. Later in my other writings I will try to discuss some very important parts of speech, but if you are curious you can just read the material on many sources on the Internet or books.

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    Thanks for sharing this Mrs. Adelina …

    I guess, you are an English teacher ? Is it right ?

    I saw your writing composition seemed like explaining material to your students .. It was great, easy to learn ..

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