Public Transportation in Jakarta (Part 1)


The choices of public transportation when you are in Jakarta can be chosen from the cheapest like bus and train, to the most expensive ones, for example taxi and motorcycle taxi or Indonesian people usually call it ‘Ojek/Ojeg’.

Motorcycle taxi or Ojek/Ojeg has become one of the favorites because of the bad traffic jam Jakarta usually has. Though it’s expensive and uncomfortable, people keep choosing it to help them manage their time when they want to go anywhere, even to a very far place like the airport (Soekarno-Hatta Airport in Cengkareng, Tangerang), whose distance is about 30 km from central Jakarta. Well, I have never tried it, taking the motorcycle taxi to the airport, but I know there are some people use the service to go there because many times I am offered to use the service to go to the airport. My favorite transportation to go to the airport is Damri Bus, but sometimes I also take taxi, especially when I need to catch a very early flight, or when I arrive at Soetta Airport very late at night and Damri Bus is no longer available.

For my daily transportation, I like taking bus, one of the choices is the TransJakarta bus, the one that I usually take for going home from the office. This bus is more comfortable than the regular buses available in Jakarta. When you get seat you can sit comfortably and do like what I usually do, browsing the internet, reading, even texting people. Well, I will write you more about this Trans Jakarta bus and other transportation later. See you around!!
ojek to bandara

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13 Responses

  1. Alvian Fahmi says:

    Hello I’m Alvian Fahmi and sometimes i take TransJakarta to go to Sudirman Station. I think TransJakarta is most cheapest buses in Jakarta bu the best buses is Kopaja Executive. Although its very expensive (the price is almost twice from TJ bus) but you can get in/get out where ever you want (unlike Tj that you must get out in “halte”) and its integrated with busway so in some road maybe free from traffic jam. in your post, you mention that there is ojeg that will take to Soetta Airport and i am wondering what it will cost to them..haha

  2. Alvian Fahmi says:

    i made mistake its not ‘most cheapest’ but it should cheapest.

  3. iwan aulia says:

    After i readed the articlen, especially about transjakarta bus. I think Transjakarta bus is one of many public transportation in jakarta that give us a good service than public transportation in their level.
    Usually in my daily i also use tansjakarta bus, because i feel get many adventages like i feel more safety, comfortable and cheap. Not only that if we use pulic transportation like transjakarta automatically we already help the goverment to decrease the traffic jam.
    Last one as a pulic transportation user, i hope the goverment can to Develop the public transportation and do the maintenance in continuesly.

    I think thats all and i’m sorry to my mistake

  4. Indriyani Dama says:

    Hmm. what a good article. For me i just like using KRL/Commuter Line, it’s the cheapest transportation you will ever use. I like Transjakarta too, but it’s so tired for that “Transit”, waiting for sometimes a long time, and it’s bad when you used it at “Traffic Jam Time”, just like 6-9AM and 5-7PM. And for ojeg and Taxi, yeah it’s so much comfortable but so expensive as ergghh wkwk. For going to the airport, i rather choose Damri than Taxi. It’s cheap for airport transportation price, free wifi, and comfortable too. That’s all for my opinion. Thanks for reading wkwk

  5. Ria Resty Anggraini says:

    There are so many public transportation in Jakarta, for example taxi, motorcycle taxi, and transjakarta. Motorcycle taxi can help us to manage our time went we want to go anywhere. beside motorcycle taxi, we can take transjakarta. This bus is very comfortable and we can avoid the bad traffic jam Jakarta.
    I have had experience when I want to go to the attraction by using Transjakarta. I used Transjakarta because I want to feel comfort. But at that time I did not get it. Supposedly women who preferred to sit instead of man. But at that time the man did not want to succumb to woman even she is pregnant. And I had to stand from the first corridor until the end of the corridor and squashed by people.

  6. Brian Da Costa Widya Putra says:

    From the story of the above I think it’s an interesting story and good. From the story of mrs. on top of me taking in indonesia is very rare to see a guy like that, even if there are help must be asking in return but not all people like that because I think there are many out there who either help someone without rewards.

  7. Sajarudin Maruf says:

    This story is great miss. I agree that the bus transjakarta cheaper than other transportation, but lately a lot of crime in the Busway that make visitors uncomfortable and the arrival of the bus late. I prefer the train or motorcycle because it is more convenient and faster.

  8. Mayang Anggriyani Safira says:

    I agree miss. I also users of public transportation users that train users although sometimes uncomfotable and schedule late departure but the train is more efficient and location of the station is close to my house and to continue with other transportation like kopaja or transjakarta easier and lower cost

  9. Mila Deby Suma says:

    I am a kind of a person that easily to choose any type of transportation as long as it is convey and achievable. The most important of having public transportation is the safety and security. I would be pleased if one day Indonesia generally or Jakarta specifically has an integrated transportation that connect all types off transportation from train, bus, and boat in one price.

  10. Wow I just found out if there’s any “ojeg” to the airport. Maybe it’s as one of transportation makes it easy for the area around the airport. But using transport “ojeg” too inefficient to carry a lot of stuff and not being able to haul a lot of people. In my opinion, transportation in Jakarta is currently very uncomfortable and many crimes out there, especially on public transportation. People who carry private cars are now very uncomfortable, because in Jakarta recently frequent instances of spoliation in the evening. This makes the motorcyclists especially frightened women riders while driving in Bali and at the time of the evening when the activity has been completed.

  11. May Hardiyanty Rezeky says:

    In my opinion, transportation in Jakarta is currently very uncomfortable. There are so many public transportation in Jakarta, for example taxi, motorcycle taxi, and transjakarta. I agree that the bus transjakarta cheaper than other transportation but the arrival of the bus transjakarta late that make visitors uncomfortable. I hope the government can to improve the public transportation and make visitors comfortable.

  12. Widyah Anisa says:

    I think the comfort of transportation in Jakarta depends from the time. If we can find the right time, we can really feel the comfort of transportation in Jakarta. Even train that very crowded can so comfortable, if we can find the right time.

  13. Annisa Ayustina Putri says:

    I think a very interesting article on miss.adel. In jakarta has many public transport it is easy to use for example trans jakarta, public transport / kopaja, ojek, and trains/KRL. But transportation often makes us uncomfortable with crime that often occurs and schedule delays if we use trans jakarta bus and train / KRL. I prefer to use the train or ojek because it is more secure, convenient and fast compared to other transportation. ojek now safe with GoJek because GoJek booked via mobile phone and do not need to wait alongside the road to get a ojek and the price is quite affordable.

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