One of the activities which can be used nowadays for teaching and learning process is E-learning.

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E-learning as the facility, in some cases, can make the students easy to study. Most of the students appreciate this system. Students can submit their assignment easier. This method can be faster than if they write down on paper. E-learning is also provided by due date. It makes the students be more discipline to submit their task. In addition e-learning will minimalize the use of paper. In Indonesia situation, Open University of Univeritas Terbuka has been providing e-learning facilities for its sutdents.        The Indonesia Government allows universities to use e-learning system. Republic Act no. 20 of 2003 on National Education System, article 31 states that the distance education is able to be hold on all lines, levels and types of education. Moreover, distance education organized in various forms, modes and coverage hold facilities and services supported by learning and assessment system which ensures the quality of graduates in accordance with national education standards. The form of distance education includes educational programs in writing (correspondence), radio, audio / video, TV and / or network-based computer. So e-learning system in Indonesia is a part of distance learning programs that the government has established. In its initial formation, e-learning is used as one of the systems applied by open university. It is stated that e-learning system in Indonesia can also substitute the position of a lecturer in front of the class.


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Many lecturers in Perbanas Institute use this system to teach their students. Some of them because of their jobs outside or their needs can not attend the class to teach their students. The students can study the material by e-learning. In fact, this method makes the lecturers leave more than 50% of the class. In average most of the students become lazier to come to the class if their lecturers are used to study using e-learning in the class. E-learning in this idea gives a bad influence to students. One lecturer who has also a position used this e-learning system when he left his class for five times. He also provides materials for students to do as homework, in fact, when the students ask for feedback, this lecturer could not give the feedback because of his job he never checked the students’ works.


In Perbanas Institute the implementation of e-learning for this type of lecturer is not effective as a study method.      Perbanas Institute must be active and proactive to socialize to their students and lecturers the purpose of e-learning system. In reality both most of the lecturers and the students still do not understand the purpose of e-learning system and how to use e-learning well. A team that is responsible with the e-learning system and training must be formed. It is not just a fun idea it should be done seriously. Harvard University and MIT University are examples of universities which put e-learning system is just a complementary of the teaching and learning materials in the curriculum. However, finally e-leaning is simply a tool for students easier to study outside the class and it is not only as a substitute way if the lecturer cannot teach in front of the class. Hopefully the idea of e-learning system either in western universities or Indonesian universities will not be confused anymore.


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