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Qualitative  Inquiry  And Research Design : Studi Kasus 0

Qualitative Inquiry And Research Design : Studi Kasus

Creswell  dalam  bukunya  yang  berjudul  “Qualitative  Inquiry  And Research Design” mengungkapkan lima tradisi penelitian, yaitu: biografi, fenomenologi,  grounded  theory study,  studi kasus dan etnografi.  Salah satu tradisi yang akan dikaji dalam tulisan ini adalah...

Perjalanan Sekolah Pascasarjana 0

Perjalanan Sekolah Pascasarjana

PhD survival tips. Based on my experienced as GOT recipient. By Dr Hj Abdul Rahim Hj Ridzuan (UiTM)Phase 1: The most crucial one. At this stage, you will be drown by mountains of information....

4 Jenis Penulis 0

4 Jenis Penulis

Ada empat jenis penulis. 1. Upholder 2. Obliger 3. Questioner 4. Rebel Thesis Whisperer. 2018. Are there only four kinds of writers?

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Cek Plagiat

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Penelitian Ilmiah (Lynch, 2013) 0

Penelitian Ilmiah (Lynch, 2013)

Menurut Lynch scientific research (penelitian ilmiah) adalah proses (1) developing an empirically answerable question, (2) deriving a falsifiable hypothesis derived from a theory that purports to answer the question, (3) collecting (or finding) and analyzing...