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Qualitative Inquiry And Research Design : Studi Kasus

Creswell  dalam  bukunya  yang  berjudul  “Qualitative  Inquiry  And Research Design” mengungkapkan lima tradisi penelitian, yaitu: biografi, fenomenologi,  grounded  theory study,  studi kasus dan etnografi.  Salah satu tradisi yang akan dikaji dalam tulisan ini adalah...


Perjalanan Sekolah Pascasarjana

PhD survival tips. Based on my experienced as GOT recipient. By Dr Hj Abdul Rahim Hj Ridzuan (UiTM)Phase 1: The most crucial one. At this stage, you will be drown by mountains of information....


4 Jenis Penulis

Ada empat jenis penulis. 1. Upholder 2. Obliger 3. Questioner 4. Rebel Thesis Whisperer. 2018. Are there only four kinds of writers?

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Penelitian Ilmiah (Lynch, 2013)

Menurut Lynch scientific research (penelitian ilmiah) adalah proses (1) developing an empirically answerable question, (2) deriving a falsifiable hypothesis derived from a theory that purports to answer the question, (3) collecting (or finding) and analyzing...