Trust Yourself You Can Do It


How do you think you can motivate other persons to have the willingness to learn English or other foreign languages? Well, I could never have imagined that there were such ways to keep motivating my students. I just learned from the experience that sometimes I was successful enough, but sometimes it’s still difficult to do. No matter what, just give it a shot 🙂


Once, I taught this student, many years ago I think, well I don’t remember, but I do still remember how he was very angry and disappointed because at that time he thought that English was very difficult for him. Even though he already tried to learn it, he still failed and he complained me, why he was accepted as the student at that school where he belonged to at that time if actually his English score was not good enough to fulfill the requirement to enroll the school which finally demanded him a lot to master English. For a second I was stunned, trying to figure out what I should answer him, because I could see that he was very afraid of this demand (finishing his English class with minimum score meanwhile he thought it was very difficult for him to learn it). I was in junior year working as a teacher at that time and I eventually just told him, “Well, you are already here now. You have the opportunity to learn English with me and I promise you that English will be very important and useful for you, especially for your future. You just need to be patient, don’t be afraid, trust me you can do it and of course, don’t forget to pray.”
I couldn’t do a lot at that time, that’s all that I could do and I realized that the presence of me as my student’s facilitator in the class is not only about transferring my knowledge but also motivating them, reminding them to keep their spirit high, and being there for them when they have their problems.

Years after that, even a couple months ago, I still met him on the social media, and he admitted that he finally realized how English’s very useful for him now and he’s very grateful for our meeting in the past. I also thank him for being patient enough to struggle with English and trusting for all I said.

It’s a happy ending story at the end.

Smile! ^_^

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18 Responses

  1. Ardista Lutfan Adiansyah says:

    The biggest enemy is yourself. Mistake and failure is the ladder to succes. Keep fighting, if you fail is not the end, but the end is happy ending

  2. Vita Putri Kusharyanti says:

    We can’t easily to give up just because our fears, the beginning is always the hardest, but if we learn, trust to our self, we can do anything that we want to achieve.

  3. Megadeanti marhaen says:

    failure is just the beginning that will lead us to the succesfull, so stop complaining, trust to yourself, and do the best

  4. vanya rossia says:

    Aim for success, not perfection. never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will be lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life. my father told me once that words and letters hold the secrets of the universe. That in their shapes and sounds i could find everything, could see beyond myself to do something special ^_^ *kawaii face*

  5. fara salsabila says:

    Trust yourself is beginning of your success. Your chance for success can be measured by how much you trust in yourself

  6. Omar Wibisono says:

    Having to overcome obstacles without confidence and the right frame of mind can be stressful, but being negative about it does not make the situation any better. Everyone starts at somewhere and facing difficulties is part of life. In order not to repeat past mistakes and failures, different mindset is needed to make that change. In this case, confidence is needed to make a change that would result in a different outcome. To obtain confidence, having a complete trust in yourself is needed in which it’s easier said than done. To “Change” progress is needed, and trusting yourself is an important independent variable for all change to be needed.

    To keep your dream alive, you need to believe. To believe you need to trust yourself. To implement it….
    “Trust Yourself You Can Do It”.

  7. Ahmad Muhammad says:

    English is the kind of language that is used universally around the world. Even since i was a kid, i was amazed by the language and i learn new kinds of language everyday. And i hope that everyone will try in their best to appreciate the English language, because trust me it is very important. Sure it’s not easy the first time, but if you keep on trying, then the results will be very pleasing

  8. Hilmi Nidieha says:

    I know learn english is difficult,nothing worth things come easy right? its time to learn little harder,your hard work will soon pay off.
    my father told me “no matter what was your last result,no one will remember that,if you make next one great”
    you just have to keep pushing yourself and trust yourself

  9. indah dwi says:

    we need to change our mindset about english is difficult,if we keep trying learn english,the difficult become easy and we must trust ourselves that we will be able

  10. M. Pratama Razaki says:

    very interesting article, I’ve had trouble with english too but nobody that motivates me. suddenly i motivate myself. i think the student in this article are very lucky to have met with a great teacher. and i think not all teachers could motivates their student, just the great teacher could do that.

  11. kevin kinantoko says:

    I think without his volition he cannot reach to fulfill the requirement to enroll the school which finally demanded him a lot to master english. But without the motivator patience he cannot sucsess his problem about english

  12. Raihan Rindia says:

    Good article. From this article, we can know how important english language is. But, sometimes i feel that learning english is not easy, and great motivation is needed. After reading this article we learned to love the process and the result will follow later on.

  13. Bian Barliadi says:

    What a great article… As we knew, english is so useful for us, so we should struggle with it to get a good result. Cause hardwork will never betrayed the results

  14. Mohamad Aditya says:

    Learning english needs patient , good intention and work hard. Especially in this globalization era. English is also becoming the most common language that need to be good at. Because we see it everywhere english caption, or signs tends to be more a lot to seen to attract foreigners to better understand.

  15. Sari Patunnisa says:

    well, finally i’ve read this article miss but i dont know what to say actually because i am here and i am being in his position for right now. Yes i know and i do trust with you and as we have known before that english is so important for our future, for our career and i think anything we do in the future is always needs english. But i am still confuse about it, i mean about how to motivate ourselves but thank you so much for your awesome story that you wrote here, miss. i hope yours will motivate us especially for me.

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