Trust Yourself You Can Do It

How do you think you can motivate other persons to have the willingness to learn English or other foreign languages? Well, I could never have imagined that there were such ways to keep motivating my students. I just learned from the experience that sometimes I was successful enough, but sometimes it’s still difficult to do. No matter what, just give it a shot 🙂


Once, I taught this student, many years ago I think, well I don’t remember, but I do still remember how he was very angry and disappointed because at that time he thought that English was very difficult for him. Even though he already tried to learn it, he still failed and he complained me, why he was accepted as the student at that school where he belonged to at that time if actually his English score was not good enough to fulfill the requirement to enroll the school which finally demanded him a lot to master English. For a second I was stunned, trying to figure out what I should answer him, because I could see that he was very afraid of this demand (finishing his English class with minimum score meanwhile he thought it was very difficult for him to learn it). I was in junior year working as a teacher at that time and I eventually just told him, “Well, you are already here now. You have the opportunity to learn English with me and I promise you that English will be very important and useful for you, especially for your future. You just need to be patient, don’t be afraid, trust me you can do it and of course, don’t forget to pray.”
I couldn’t do a lot at that time, that’s all that I could do and I realized that the presence of me as my student’s facilitator in the class is not only about transferring my knowledge but also motivating them, reminding them to keep their spirit high, and being there for them when they have their problems.

Years after that, even a couple months ago, I still met him on the social media, and he admitted that he finally realized how English’s very useful for him now and he’s very grateful for our meeting in the past. I also thank him for being patient enough to struggle with English and trusting for all I said.

It’s a happy ending story at the end.

Smile! ^_^

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