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 A hurry synergies making cost-cutting exercise
 A lot of closed doors
 A quick culture of “Yes”
 Afraid to cannibalize existing products
 After meeting with nothing getting done
 Attempting to do it all yourself
 Attitude on the shop
 Avoid investments
 Business re brands or updates vision statement
 Can hear a pin drop
 Circling the drain
 Clients are not willing to meet
 Constantly in the news based of fines, regulation, subpoenas, and so forth
 Corporate politicians start running the business
 Co-workers dropping like flies
 Customers are not recommending
 Deep and sudden cuts
 Develop a new market for existing products or services that doesn’t exist
 Discontinued information
 Disease believe that doing the same thing will somehow lead to different results
 Distracted by outside activities
 Don’t know what all employee do all day
 Dwindling Cash or Mounting Losses
 Easy to point out every flaw
 Everyone is stressed and under pressure
 Freezing position
 Going Concern Clause
 Hiring freezes
 Inability to attract work
 Inability to be trusted
 Innovation projects cut
 Innovation dies
 Jump ship
 Lack of willingness on responsibility
 Looking for a “home run”
 Management Defections
 Mediocre employees
 New grown end with reluctant budget
 No plan for client retention
 Not need distracting new stuff
 Not continuously communicating with customers
 Not in love with what you do
 Not sure what should be doing
 Not take criticism well
 Only for me cost strategies
 Operation have a track record of failed expansion plans
 Out of touch with the marketplace
 Outsider tend to talk
 Overly afraid of making mistakes
 Peers having problems
 Physical deterioration of facilities
 Playing musical chairs
 Poems how great the company is doing
 Poor market or poor service?
 Presence of negative information
 Quality issues
 Raises are a distant memory
 Repeatedly making the same mistakes
 Reports cover the wrong information at the wrong level
 Self- actualizing
 Share the burden of poor performance
 Shareholder value is more important than customer value
 Shoot the messenger
 Slow-paying customers
 Small talking about innovation and revenue growth and the rest about cutting costs.
 Stop-and-go pace
 Sucked out all the little things
 Talking about the dental plan
 Talking only long-term strategic planning
 Talking about the same topics and issues yearly
 The company’s is ousted
 The law of averages at work
 Think that doing well
 Thinks all day about administration, compliance, and suing
 Tightening belt excessively
 Unclear direction
 Willingness to push the envelope

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