Jurnal-jurnal Manajemen Terkemuka


Eight leading management journals

Menurut Suddaby dkk. (2017) ada delapan jurnal bidang Manajemen yang dinilai paling terkemuka, yaitu:

  1. Academy of Management Journal
  2. Academy of Management Review
  3. Administrative Science Quarterly
  4. Strategic Management Journal
  5. Journal of Management
  6. Journal of Management Studies
  7. Organization Science
  8. Organization Studies

Sementara Michailova, Snejina, and Zaidah Mustaffa (2012) mengemukakan 15 top management and international business journals:

Suddaby, R., Bitektine, A., & Haack, P. (2017). Legitimacy. Academy of Management Annals, 11(1), 451-478.

Michailova, Snejina, and Zaidah Mustaffa. “Subsidiary knowledge flows in multinational corporations: Research accomplishments, gaps, and opportunities.” Journal of World Business 47, no. 3 (2012): 383-396.

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